Your Personal Accounting Advisor

After being in practice for 12 years,  I have decided to  retire effective December 31, 2020. To each of my clients I offer a sincere and heart felt thank you for all the great years that you have put your trust in me. I have learned so much working with each of you, and I will miss you. It really has been so interesting seeing how each of you handle your financial data, whether in a business or as an employee, or retired.  I will be reaching out to each of my clients to recommend an accountant who can continue to serve you .   Meanwhile, you can continue to reach me by email until April 30, 2021.   I would also like to thank all of the people who have worked with me, Erin, Jim, Kara, Caileigh, Bill, Shawn, Suman, Maria, and Nicole (have I forgot anyone).  Believe me when I say each of you contributed to me learning something new and I value your input. 


For those of  you who are interested, I don’t have any great plans, perhaps when COVID is controlled a few   trips—well quite a few trips, but when not on the road, I have thought of so many things that I want to do, I am looking forward to having time to take long walks on the trails in London, maybe a bit of sewing (once I get my sewing machine fixed),  crocheting, some scrabble, euchre, reading and I can’t forget golf,  and I also really hope that I can go ice skating. Most of all, I want to be of service and I will need to spend some time exploring opportunities where I will be a fit and that I can contribute to serving others, whether that is  with children or the elderly, or a combination of both.  I might take a couple of days to just veg though, but not for long, life is too short to sit around.


                Thank you until we meet again