Notice to my clients re Corona virus

I want to let you know that you are valued by me and as such and in light of the corona virus uncertainty, I want to both protect your safety and health and that of my staff and myself. 


This morning Finance Minister Morneau stated that tax return filing date has been extended to June 1st for personal tax returns and that payment of any outstanding balance is not due

Until September 1, 2020.


I will be continuing to work; however, given this development, I am instituting the following:

Please do not attend our office commencing March 18 and extending for 2 weeks until April 1, 2020.
I will re evaluate the situation at that time.

You may use the red or the blue button to attach scanned documents and send  to me to complete your tax return

Or you may fax me documents at 519-518-2088
For most of you, I can download the government slips from the CRA system, this consists of T4, T3, T5, T5008 slips, some RRSP contributions, etc. However, it is always good to either be informed of the slips that you have or to be sent a copy.
Information that I will not have includes donations and medical expenses, union dues, if you are self employed your income and expenses, etc. that information you can either send by secure email of use either an excel spreadsheet or word document to indicate the amounts, date, and to whom the payment was made (eg, physiotherapist, etc.) For donations I do require the name of the organization the donation was made to.  As well you can ask your pharmacist to send an annual report of the amount that you paid for your prescription drugs to me by fax.
Please DO NOT send by regular email any documents that have your SIN on the form. 

I will continue to work on the tax returns and if all information is complete I will send the tax return and the T183 form to you by secure email (the T183 form requires your signature for me to efile the tax return), or I will wait until we can safely meet and you can sign the form in my office.

If I cannot complete the tax return based on the information that you submitted, I will call or email you, and if necessary we can arrange a meeting. 

I certainly hope that none of you or your loved ones contract the virus, but we also know how important it is to prepare and ensure the safety of our community at large.

Thank you for your understanding.